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⛔ Directors | Floor 05 (RESTRICTED) Partners roomVisit >Sponsors roomVisit >Legal DeptVisit >Empty RoomAsk on reception >
⛔ VIPs | Floor 04 (RESTRICTED) Partners roomVisit >Sponsors roomVisit >Legal DeptVisit >Empty RoomAsk on reception >
⛔ Employees | Floor 03 (RESTRICTED) Software EngineerVisit >Industrial DesignVisit >Secret Project DesignVisit >Empty RoomAsk on reception >
⛔ Networking | Floor 02 (RESTRICTED) Networking Zone (Big)Visit >Networking Zone (Mid)Visit >Networking Zone (Big)Visit >Empty RoomAsk on reception >
⛔ Theaters | Floor 01 (RESTRICTED) Blanquita ReceptionVisit >Blanquita TheaterVisit >4 Stevens ReceptionVisit >4 Stevens TheaterVisit >
🟢 Floor 00 | Reception (Public) Reception DeskVisit >

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